Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University – A small and growing university, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore started in 1991 as a teaching university. Now the university has developed into a global research university offering undergraduate and postgraduate education. NTU became independent in 2006 and is one of the two largest public universities in Singapore.

There are eight schools offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses: business; engineering; humanities, arts and sciences; science; medicine; postgraduate studies; education; and international studies.

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Nanyang Technological University

The campus in Western Singapore is a ‘smart campus’ and has received 61 Green Mark Platinum awards for its facilities. The school is home to creative and human activities, and also has a school art route for students to explore.

The Hive Nanyang Technological University

In providing a comprehensive education, the university seeks to provide graduates with the 3 C’s: intellectual ability, character and competence, which is achieved through social learning and experience. NTU collaborates with companies, organizations and universities around the world to provide opportunities for students abroad.

There is also a medical school in Novena, known as Singapore’s medical district. NTU is home to schools such as the National Institute of Education, S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore Earth Observatory and the Singapore Center for Environmental Science Engineering.

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All companies are rated with a total score of four points and columns. However, for each column, only companies in the top 500 or among the top 500 in that column have a public indicator. NTU Singapore, Clean Data Security Warrior of the Year, is one of the best universities in the world. NTU uses data to make new scientific discoveries and make the world a better place.

Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University Singapore 직원, 위치, 동문

Data has the power to change the world, and for those who can use it, the possibilities are limitless. We call them Data Warriors, and this year’s most deserving organization is Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore).

One of the world’s top universities, NTU Singapore has expanded its High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) with Pure Storage® FlashBlade®. How fast are we talking? Consider genetics in less than three years instead of two decades.

Nanyang Technological University

The power of scientific understanding is amazing. That’s a lot of time scientists can use these ideas to solve some of the most difficult problems facing our world, including environmental protection, climate change and medicine. And all from understanding how to use data to pave the way for new scientific projects.

Ntu Creates Innovative Learning Environment With Extron Xtp Systems & Touchlink Pro Control

Led by CIO Alvin Ong, HPCC brings new capabilities and efficiencies to NTU’s research teams, enabling them to process large data sets faster. FlashBlade meets the requirements of fast storage that can handle millions of input/output operations per second (IOPS). At any given time, many research groups are using supercomputing equipment, which can handle up to eight tasks simultaneously. It is a scientific discovery on a grand scale.

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Nanyang Technological University

The technology has already made a dramatic difference to a team from NTU’s School of Biological Sciences, which is sequencing the DNA of more than 1,000 plant species. Assembling a genome requires tremendous speed and computational power, and this task is 10 times more complex than anything the team has done before.

In comparison, if the team was limited to one genome at a time, as in previous conservation efforts, the project would last 20 years.

Nanyang Technological University

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Using four parallel projects, the team collected the genomes of 550 species in just 18 months, and are expected to finish in less than three years. In comparison, if the team was limited to one genome at a time, as in previous conservation efforts, the project would last 20 years.

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As a leading institution of higher education, NTU lives up to its reputation for world-class scientific research. But his contribution and support should also be mentioned. With Clean Storage, NTU has reduced cooling and power requirements in the data center, reducing the carbon footprint of HPC. But there is still room for growth.

Nanyang Technological University

NTU harnesses the power of data and uses it effectively, advancing scientific knowledge, advancing medicine, fighting climate change and making the world a better place. At Clean Storage, we are proud to be a part of that journey and are proud to award Data Warrior of the Year to HPCC and NTU for all their innovative work.

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Nanyang Technological University